Collaborative and contract research

St Andrews researchers have expertise in a wide range of fields and disciplines. We offer both collaborative research and contract research services to businesses based in the UK, Europe and beyond. If you would like to discuss your business’ needs with us, please get in touch via our team of Business Development Managers.

Collaborative research

Collaborative research seeks to build partnerships where businesses benefit from the university’s research expertise and strengths. St Andrews successfully collaborates with businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. Research can range from fundamental, ideas-based projects right through to applied, scale-up work. We have an excellent track record of securing research funding and joint applications offer an excellent opportunity for businesses and the university to fund collaborative work.


Contract research services

In addition to possessing wide-ranging research expertise, St Andrews researchers have access to specialist equipment and facilities. Contract research services at St Andrews can meet your specific research needs by rapidly connecting your business to highly skilled academics and facilities on a case-by-case, needs-driven basis. These services are a streamlined approach to generating data and knowledge for your business.