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The Entrepreneurship Centre is a diverse and innovative space that finds and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit in students, academics and staff from every academic school, course, and stage of development. We believe that individuals who express an entrepreneurial spirit can add outstanding value to any organisation from the smallest start-up to the largest business and from non-profits to public sector organisations. Through our programmes, we provide the tools, contacts, and confidence to enable participants to explore the full entrepreneurial journey, turn their research and expertise into a societal benefit and grow their ideas into successful and sustainable businesses.

Eden Campus building


What we do:

  • Inspire creativity and innovation
  • Provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to resources, talent, and expertise
  • Provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to financial and intellectual capital
  • Create a collaborative community with multi-disciplinary projects
  • Create strong, scalable, and sustainable businesses that make a positive contribution to society
  • Nurture a network of like-minded individuals to support each other and enhance opportunities
  • Provide high quality business training and exclusive enterprise programmes
  • Enable growth from early-stage ventures to medium-sized enterprises
  • Provide a network of successful mentors and advisors


The space:

  • Open spacious environment
  • State of the art individual workspace
  • Collaborative working pods
  • Pitch practice arena
  • Bright, inspiring, and creative setting
  • Printing services
  • Makers space in progress


Our programmes:

With 4 bespoke programmes, the Entrepreneurship Centre provides the tools, knowledge, and capability to participants to enhance their entrepreneurial journey. To sign up for any of our programmes, join our online entrepreneurship community here.


FastStart Innovators is our 8-week flagship programme designed to take participants through the full entrepreneurial journey from idea creation to prototyping to the final pitch day at the end of the programme. Hosted alongside a pool of industry-expert mentors, participants will have access to a network of key individuals who will be able to equip them with the skills and experience needed to get their idea off the ground. Each week will host a different topic, which will provide the skills and knowledge to develop and streamline ideas through a step-by-step process. Participants will develop personally and professionally gaining skills in Creativity, Communication, Leadership, Negotiation and Public Speaking.


With over 6,000 social enterprises in Scotland, the demand for organisations that create impact has grown vastly over the past few years. As consumers motivations and values have shifted, there’s now more than ever, demands for Social Entrepreneurs to pave the way through business. The FastStart Changemakers programme is the ultimate introduction to social entrepreneurship, guiding you through an online programme which will identify social and environmental problems. The programme will provide the tools and skills needed to create positive impact on these issues through business by providing weekly topics from market research through to preparing for launch.


FastStart Cloud Computing gives participants an introductory tour of cloud technologies offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With many of the world’s largest websites running all or part of their software on AWS, this 8-week programme gives participants the opportunity to see how different cloud technologies can be used in combination to form an ‘architecture’ that stores data, processes requests, streams video, sends emails, and supports users.




In a world where we’re constantly online whether this be for work, entertainment, occasionally procrastinating, or communicating with friends and family – we rarely ever take a step back and think how these websites are made.  FastStart Web Development will teach participants how to code their first ‘dynamic’ website by using the React.js web framework created by Facebook. The programme will take participants behind-the-scenes to learn how a website interface is designed, how data is displayed, and how participants can take their website concept and turn it into a prototype by coding with React.js.

Our Events:


Speaker Series

Get involved in our weekly Speaker Series where you can join us on a Thursday evening to hear from a selection of industry experts, business owners and entrepreneurs. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to become inspired, network and ignite your passion whilst dipping your toe into the world of business.




Pitch with Pizza

Join us every Friday lunch time where you can brush up on your pitching skills over a slice – or two – of pizza. This is the perfect opportunity to practice your fool-proof pitch in a safe, friendly, and relaxed environment. Learn from each other, work together, and develop your confidence to deliver a first-class pitch.


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